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Installation & operations guide

This page summarizes the options for getting Nepenthes. With this information you should be able to decide what option is best for you.

Pre-built packages

Main TopicsContent
System requirementsLearn the minimum configuration required to run Nepenthes
InstallationHow to install Nepenthes and the methods available
Operations & MaintenanceGuides on how to configure, backup, upgrade, and monitor your Nepenthes installation
Advanced configurationGuides on how to perform advanced configuration of your Nepenthes installation
OtherGuides on infrequent operations such as MySQL to PostgreSQL migration
BIMHow to install Nepenthes BIM edition

For production environments and when using a supported distribution, we recommend using the packaged installation. This will install Nepenthes as a system dependency using your distribution's package manager, and provide updates in the same fashion that all other system packages do.

Manual installation

An OUTDATED and OLD manual installation option exists, but due to the large number of components involved and the rapid evolution of Nepenthes, we cannot ensure that the procedure is either up-to-date or that it will correctly work on your machine. This means that manual installation is NOT recommended NOR supported.