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System admin guide

Welcome to the Nepenthes System Administration guide.

In order to make changes to settings affecting your entire Nepenthes environment, you need to navigate to the Nepenthes administration.

If you are an administrator on your Nepenthes environment, you can access the administration by clicking on your user Avatar in the upper right corner and selecting -> Administration from the dropdown menu.

Click on one of the categories in order to proceed with the configuration.



Users and permissionsHow to manage users, groups and permissions in Nepenthes.
Work packagesHow to configure work packages, types, status and workflows.
Custom fieldsSet custom fields for work packages, Spent time, projects, versions, users, groups and more.
Attribute help textsAdd help texts to explain attributes (including custom fields) in projects and work packages.
AttachmentsSettings for attachments and virus scanning functionality in Nepenthes.
EnumerationsSet enumerations, e.g. work package priorities, time tracking activities, document categories, and more.
Calendars and datesConfigure working days, dates formats and calendar subscriptions.
System settingsConfigure your system settings, e.g. a welcome text block on the landing page, languages, repositories, and more.
Emails and notificationsManage notifications and emails.
API and webhooksManage APIs and configure webhooks.
AuthenticationConfigure authentication methods in Nepenthes, e.g. OAuth, OpenID, Two-factor-authentication, LDAP, and more.
AnnouncementHow to create a system announcement.
DesignCreate your own design and make it compliant to your company's corporate identity, upload logo and customize colors.
ColorsConfigure colors used in the system, e.g. status colors, work package types, priorities and more.
Time and costsConfigure your currency and create cost types in Nepenthes.
BacklogsConfigure your backlogs settings in Nepenthes, e.g. story types to be displayed in the backlogs, task types, and more.
File storages - NextcloudManage and set up file storages with Nextcloud.
File storages - One DriveManage and set up file storages with One Drive.
PluginsManage plugins in Nepenthes.
InformationView the latest system information status.
IntegrationsHow to integration Nepenthes into other tools (eg. GitHub, Nextcloud...)