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Revit add-in (BIM feature)

The Nepenthes Revit Add-In allows you to use the open source project management software Nepenthes BIM directly within your Autodesk Revit environment. It lets you create, inspect and manage issues right in the moment when you can also solve them - when you have your Revit application fired up and the relevant BIM models open. Issues get stored as BIM Issues centrally and are available to every team member in real time - thanks to our browser based IFC viewer even to those team members without expensive Revit licenses. No BCF XML import/export is needed. However, you still can import and export BCF XML as you like and stay interoperable with any other software for BIM Issue Management.

To download the latest version (v2.2.3) of our Nepenthes Revit AddIn click here: DOWNLOAD

Before usage

Please check the following steps before using the Nepenthes BIM edition.

  1. Does Nepenthes BIM support your Version of Revit?
  2. Did you already install the latest Version of our Nepenthes BIM Add-in?
  3. Is the latest IFC Model uploaded to your Project in Nepenthes BIM?

If you can answer all questions with "yes" you are ready to start using our Revit Add-in.

How to install

System requirements

The Nepenthes Revit AddIn does not have any special system requirements. Autodesk Revit must be installed. The following versions of Revit are supported:

  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022

Download the installer

To download the setup application for the Nepenthes Revit AddIn, click here: DOWNLOAD

You can find the latest version of our AddIn on Github as well.


After you have downloaded the file, please run it to start the installation process.

  1. Start Installation process In the first screen, click Next to continue:

Installation Step 1

  1. Select Revit Version

    Next, select the Revit version you have installed locally and click Next to continue. You can select multiple versions:

Installation Step 02

  1. Start Installation

    Verify the installation steps are correct in the next screen and click on Install to install the Nepenthes Revit AddIn:

Installation Step 03

  1. Ready to use

    Please wait a few moments for the installation to complete and then click Finish to finish the installation.

How to update from an earlier version

If you already have an earlier version installed, simply follow the same steps as for a new installation (How to install). The existing Nepenthes Revit AddIn will be updated.

How to login

After Installing the Nepenthes BIM AddIn you can find a new tab within the Revit taskbar named "Nepenthes". To login you have to open the settings first.

Revit AddIn Settings

The settings will appear in a new tab. Within this tab you have to insert your own Nepenthes BIM URL and confirm with "Go". Your Nepenthes account is now linked to your Revit application and you can close the tab.

Nepenthes BIM Login

How to select a project

After connecting your Nepenthes BIM instance you are able to start working with your BCF Tasks within Revit. Firstly you have to open the Nepenthes Tab in the taskbar and start the application.

Start Nepenthes BIM Add-in

After starting the application a new tab will be created and you are able to select the Project you want to work in.

Nepenthes BIM - Select a Project

Working with BIM issues

To work with BIM Issues, please open our AddIn and navigate to our BCF Module.

Nepenthes BIM - BCF Module

Within this module all existing work packages are displayed. Within this demo project no work package exist yet. To create a new one, click on the "add new work package"-Button.

Nepenthes BIM - Create BCF

An empty form for new work packages is now displayed. After adding a title and detailed information describing your issue, you have to add a viewpoint. This viewpoint saves your current view & selection of the building model (so check the rotation, selection and zoom of the model before).

And the most important thing: don't forget to save the work package.

Nepenthes BIM - Add Viewpoint

To open a BIM Issue and restore the viewpoint you have to navigate to the BCF Module and just click on the BIM Issue you want to open. The behavior of working with the issues is almost the same like in Nepenthes.

Nepenthes BIM - Issues

The handling of BIM Issues within Revit is similar to Nepenthes BIM. There are only a few changes to the browser based version:

  • Model Viewer: To show a BIM Issue Nepenthes BIM will use your Revit Model instead of the Nepenthes BIM Model Viewer.
  • Reduced View: Nepenthes BIM is now used in a smaller window. That's why you are currently using a reduced view.
  • Missing Browser Toolbar: The Browser Toolbar is missing, so you might miss some common user actions (e.g. jump to previous page)

Synchronize tasks between Revit and Nepenthes

Nepenthes BIM and Revit automatically synchronize all BIM work packages. You don't have to pay attention to anything else and you can manage your entire project directly in Nepenthes. Whatever you do, users of Nepenthes BIM edition will see any changes in the browser as well.

Nepenthes BIM - Synchronization

How to uninstall the Nepenthes Revit add-in

To remove the Nepenthes Revit AddIn remove the AddIn like any other AddIn from Revit. First close any running instance of Revit. Then you'll have to enter the directory C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\<REVIT_VERSION>. There you must delete the file Nepenthes.Revit.addin and the folder Nepenthes.Revit. After a restart of Revit, the Nepenthes Revit AddIn is no longer available.


'Your computer was protected by Windows' Error Message

This is an internal Windows defense mechanism called Windows SmartScreen. When you run the installer, you might see a message similar to this:

Installer Windows SmartScreen 1

This can happen when a new release was not yet installed by many users, so internal Microsoft services do not yet know about the trustworthiness of the Nepenthes Revit AddIn version.

To continue, please click on the highlighted part labeled Additional Information, then you should see a screen like the following:

Installer Windows SmartScreen 2

Ensure that publisher says Nepenthes GmbH. That means the installer was correctly signed by Nepenthes and is safe to use.

To proceed with the installation, click on Run Anyway and the installation will start.

Reporting bugs

You found a bug? Please report it to our Nepenthes community. Thank you!