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Integrating with external file storage provider

External file storages can be integrated with Nepenthes via the File storages module. A basic integration at least entails the ability to link work packages in Nepenthes with files and folders in the external file storage. Currently supported file storages are:

Checklist for new candidates

This section contains a checklist for new candidates for the development of a new file storage integration. It lists requirements, which are meant to be the very foundation of making the basic use cases work.

  • The file storage must have a HTTP API
  • The user must be able to authenticate the requests against the API.
    • Currently supported authentication methods: OAuth2 with authorization code with or without PKCE
  • The file storage must have uniquely identifiable files across the user context. (Any user must be able to find the file with the same identification data.)
  • The file storage must provide a direct link to open the file on the file storage's web interface.
  • The file storage must be able to fetch an index for a location, providing all children files and folders on this location.
  • Optional: The file storage must provide a direct download link for the file.
  • Optional: The file storage must provide a direct upload link for files to a location on the file storage.


If you plan to integrate Nepenthes with another external storage provider, either as an Nepenthes core feature or as a plugin, please reach out to the Nepenthes development team. We are currently in the process of making the integration of further storage provider easier for community developers.