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Submit a feature idea

How to submit a feature idea or request

  1. Login to or register at the Nepenthes community platform. It's fast and free.
  2. Use the search bar in the header navigation on top to look for similar feature requests. If there's one, please leave a comment or add additional information. Otherwise:
  3. Open the feature create form.
  4. Add a subject and detailed description using the template.
  5. Attach a file (optional).
  6. Press Create.

Feature idea guideline


  • The subject of the feature request should be as concise and crisp as possible.


[Backlogs] Grey out status fields in task board which cannot be used by role


  • The feature description should be concise and expressive.
  • Mention the reason why the change is relevant. Describe the associated use case.
  • Add acceptance criteria for clarification.
  • Describe the current behavior if it is to be changed by the request.
  • Using the following (user story) format, describe the intent behind a new feature request:


AS an Nepenthes user
I WANT to only show the allowed status fields as active for which a status transition is allowed based on the workflow
SO THAT I am clearly aware which status transitions are allowed before doing them.

Acceptance criteria

  • State and detail the requirements in the acceptance criteria.


  • In the task board only show the status allowed for the role the user has in the project as active.
    • The status fields which are inactive should have e.g. a grey background to make clear that a user cannot use them.

Current behavior

  • If the feature request is changing existing behavior, briefly explain the current behavior.


Currently, all status transitions set for a type are displayed as active (independent of the allowed status transitions defined by the workflow).

Wireframes / Screenshots

  • If the request is visual, it is helpful to add a short wireframe or a screenshot in which changes are highlighted.
  • The wireframe or screenshot can be attached as a file and can be integrated in the description with the following syntax: "!Name_of_screenshot.png!" (without quotation marks) (Notice: Name_of_screenshot should be replaced with the respective name of the file. The file ending (here: .png) has to be adjusted to the appropriate file type of the screenshot.)

Example of a feature request

Feature Request