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OneDrive/SharePoint integration

You can use OneDrive/SharePoint as an integrated file storage in Nepenthes.

This integration makes it possible for you to:

  • Link files and folders stored in OneDrive/SharePoint with work packages in Nepenthes
  • View, open and download files and folders linked to a work package via the Files tab

Important note: To be able to use OneDrive/SharePoint as a file storage in your project, the administrator of your instance should first have completed the OneDrive/SharePoint integration setup. Then a project administrator can activate the integrated storage in the File storages for a project.

Connect Nepenthes to OneDrive/SharePointHow to connect your Nepenthes project and OneDrive/SharePoint
Link files and folders to work packagesHow to link your files and folders to work packages in Nepenthes
Upload files from NepenthesHow to upload files to OneDrive/SharePoint from Nepenthes
Download, open folders and remove linksHow to download and open files and folders and remove links
Permissions and access controlPermissions and access control in OneDrive/SharePoint file storage

Connect your Nepenthes and OneDrive/SharePoint accounts

To begin using this integration, you will need to first connect your Nepenthes and Microsoft accounts. To do this, open any work package in a project where a OneDrive/SharePoint file storage has been added and enabled by an administrator and follow these steps:

  1. Select any work package. Go to the Files tab and, within the correct file storage section, click on Storage login button.

    Login to Sharepoint storage from an Nepenthes work package

  2. You will see a Microsoft login prompt asking you to log in. Enter your credentials and log in.

  3. Once you have logged in, you will automatically return to the work package in Nepenthes and see that you can now start uploading and linking files.

    OneDrive storage is available in an Nepenthes work package

In addition to listing files directly attached to a work package, the Files tab shows the OneDrive/SharePoint files that are linked to the current work package. Hovering on any linked file with your mouse will give you options to open or download the file, show the containing folder in SharePoint or remove the link.

To link a SharePoint file to the current work package, you can either:

  • select a local file, which will be uploaded to OneDrive/SharePoint storage and linked to this work package
  • select an existing file in OneDrive/SharePoint to link to

Link existing files to OneDrive/SharePoint from an Nepenthes work package

Info: The default location that opens in the file picker is the file root of the configured OneDrive/SharePoint drive.

Select a SharePoint file or folder to link to an Nepenthes work package

Upload files from Nepenthes

If the file you want to link has not yet been uploaded to SharePoint, you can do so by clicking on the Upload files link.

Upload file link in an Nepenthes work package

You will then be prompted to select a file (or multiple files) on your computer that you want to upload to OneDrive/SharePoint.

Choosing a file to upload to SharePoint in an Nepenthes work package

Alternatively, you can also simply drag a file or folder from your computer to the drag zone that will appear under the name of your OneDrive/SharePoint file storage.

Once you have selected or dropped the files you would like to upload, you will need to select the location on OneDrive/SharePoint to which they should be stored.

Info: The default location that opens in the file picker is the file root of the configured OneDrive/SharePoint drive.

Selection a Sharepoint location to upload a file from Nepenthes

You can click on folders you see to navigate to them. Helpful breadcrumbs show you where you are in the folder hierarchy.

To navigate one level up or to go back to the root, simply click on the relevant parent in the breadcrumbs.

Info: If you have navigated particularly deep (over 4 levels), intermediate levels might be collapsed to save space, but you’ll always be able to navigate back to the immediate parent or the root to go backwards.

To save the files you uploaded to the currently open folder, click on the Choose location button.

The selected file is uploaded to your OneDrive/SharePoint instance and linked to the current work package. It appears under the name of the file storage.

File successfully uploaded to Sharepoint storage

If a file has been deleted on the OneDrive/SharePoint file storage it will still be displayed under the Files tab. However it will not be selectable. If you hover over a deleted file you will see the message indicating that the file could not be found.

A file has been deleted from the OneDrive/SharePoint file storage

If you wish to unlink any linked file or folder, hover it in the list of linked files and click on the Unlink icon.

Unlink a linked Sharepoint file from an Nepenthes work package

Respectively in order to download a file, click on the Download icon in the context menu of the file link in the list of the linked files.

If you click the Folder icon, the OneDrive/SharePoint folder containing this file will open in a separate tab.

Permissions and access control

When a file or folder from OneDrive/SharePoint is linked to a work package, an Nepenthes user who has access to that work package will be able to:

  • See the name of the linked file or folder
  • See when it was last modified (or created, if it has not yet been modified)
  • See who last modified it (or who created it, if it has not yet been modified)

However, all available actions depend on permissions the Nepenthes user (or more precisely, the OneDrive/SharePoint account tied to that user) has in OneDrive/SharePoint. In other words, a user who does not have the permission to access the file in OneDrive/SharePoint will also not be able to open, download, or modify the file in Nepenthes.

Please note, that with automatically managed project folders these permissions are set by Nepenthes based on user permissions in Nepenthes.