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Project News

On the news page, you can see the latest news in a project in reverse chronological order. News communicate general topics to all team members.

**News** are defined as a module that allows the publication and use of news entries.

They can be displayed on the main project overview page.

FeatureDocumentation for
Comment on newsHow to comment news in a project.
Watch newsHow to add yourself as a watcher to a news entry.
Edit a news entryHow to edit an existing news entry.
Add a news entryHow to create a new news entry.
Delete a news entryHow to delete a news entry.

Comment on news

In the News module in the project menu on the left, you will see all news from a project. Click the Subject to read to details and comment on news.


In the news details, click the Add a comment link to comment on the news. Type in your comment and click the blue Add button. Your comment, along with all other comments, is then displayed below the news entry description, newest first.


Watch a news entry

You can also decide to watch a news entry. As a watcher, you will receive an e-mail notification if a news entry is changed or if a comment has been added to a news article. To become a watcher, click the Watch button in the top right corner of a news entry’s details view. If you want to stop watching a news entry, simply click on Unwatch.


Edit a news entry

You can also always go back and make changes to an existing news entry. To do so, select the respective news from the overview page by clicking on its subject. In the detail view of the entry, click the Edit button in the top right corner.

edit-newsA form appears allowing you to make adjustments to title, summary and description. The original entry is displayed at the bottom of the page. Make your changes and click on the blue Save button to finish.

Add a news entry

To add a new news entry, click on Add news in the toolbar in the upper right side.


A new window will open, allowing you to enter title, summary and description. The title and summary will be displayed in the project overview or on the main Nepenthes landing page in the News section. You can further edit the content of your news by using the provided basic formatting options from the text editor. Also, you are able to enter Macros, e.g. Work package tables, or Work package create buttons.

To finish and publish the entry, click on Create.


Delete a news entry

To delete a news entry, click on the Delete button in the top right corner of the respective entry’s detail view.


Latest news section on the Nepenthes landing page

On the Nepenthes landing page of the application, you have a latest news section. Here, all latest news from all your projects will be summarized.

Clicking on the title of a news will bring you to the news details in the corresponding project.


Latest news section on the project overview page

You can also include your latest news from a project on the Project overview page.

Find out how to configure your Project overview page.