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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for project overview

When I set up the overview page for a project, work packages can be arranged as a Gantt chart. I would also need this for the subprojects, how does it work?

If you have selected the "Work package table" widget in the overview page, you can select a small mini-menu at the top right of the widget and click on Configure view. There you can also select subprojects under Filter. There you can either select all subprojects, only one or several subprojects. And in the Gantt chart tab of the Work package table configuration, tick the box next to "Show Gantt chart". All work packages of the selected subprojects will then be shown in a common Gantt chart view. If you want to see the individual Gantt charts of the subprojects separately, you need to add a widget to the work package table for each subproject.