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Initial setup of Nepenthes for administrators ‚Äč

This section will guide you through some basic recommendations for setting up your Nepenthes instance as a system administrator and for preparing it for its users. For the backend setup and initial technical configurations please have a look at the respective section in the installation guide.

Before adding users we recommend to check and configure the following topics:

TopicWhat to set up
Language settingsSet up available languages
User settingsDefault user settings, user deletion, user consent
Roles and permissionsWhat users can do (Roles) and the permissions for those roles
User groupsCreate groups that are linked to projects, with a role, and users
AvatarsAllow users to upload their photo or Gravatar
Calendars and datesDefault working days and time and date formats
General settingsSet host name, protocol and welcome text
AuthenticationSet up authentication methods for users
AnnouncementsSet an announcement to be shown to users on login
Start pageSet up the home page, shown after login
Configure outbound emailsSet up SMTP on the server to send email
Configure incoming emailsReceiving email by the server