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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for users and permissions

I want to delete a user but it fails.

Please make sure the box User accounts deletable by admins in Administration -> Users and permissions -> Settings is checked.

We use LDAP. How do we release a license should someone leave our team and no longer need access?

There are two possibilities:

  • You can block the user in the user list under Administration. The LDAP sync does not change the status and the user does not count into the active users anymore.
  • The user can be released through an attribute in the LDAP or through an Nepenthes LDAP group. Then the permission for this user can be removed in the LDAP and the user cannot use the LDAP authentication for Nepenthes anymore. In this case the user still needs to be blocked or deleted in Nepenthes.

How can I assign the global role "project creator" to any newly created user (in LDAP) automatically?

There is no built in way to do that.

The best way of achieving the result is via the API v3 by fetching users based on their creation date and for every newly created user, assign the roles that a new user should have. Starting with Nepenthes 11.2 this is also possible for global roles.

What happens to a user's contributions (e.g. work packages) if I delete their account?

When a user is deleted his/her change history is preserved. All actions made by him/her are attributed to a user called Deleted user. E.g. a work package created by that user or a wiki page updated by him/her will remain unchanged. This means that you can continue to work with all work packages etc.. If you delete at least two users, you will no longer be able to identify which change was made by whom, as everything will be aggregated under the Deleted user user. Only information that is stored for the sake of the user alone, e.g. private queries or user preferences, will be deleted.

Can I give users the ability to change work package status only?

It is possible to give users the ability to change status without that user having the rights to edit the rest of the work package. To do that you need to grant the Change work package status permission to the role this user is assigned.